Mediterranean ‘slow-spiration’
from Mallorca to Portugal


Where friends gather round the table to enjoy good food, where young locals put a new twist on old traditions and where people take their families for a sun-drenched picnic at the beach. In Mallorca and Portugal, we learned how to stay happy and healthy just by slowing down daily aspects of life. There we experienced what it’s like to really enjoy the moment. We started this project because we love the idea of living a mindful life with a Mediterranean twist. And because we believe that in this crazy busy world – it’s the details that make the difference.


We try to visit Mallorca and Portugal as much as we can. But even in our hometown The Hague we seize every moment to soak up the fresh sea breeze or linger over food. We got inspired by so many wonderful places, fantastic eateries and great people that we decided to start sharing our favorite stories with you. Through our blog, we continuously explore the concept of Mediterranean slow living by traveling, trying and tasting. And now you can too.


We brought home a small range of Mallorquin and Portuguese lifestyle essentials. From a straw basket, you can take to the market for your groceries to a set of colorful ceramics to dress your Sunday brunch table. All designs have a story and are handmade with love and passion by local heroes. People who took the time to make something special for you to enjoy. Pretty soon you can shop all these products in our ‘sis store’. Also, we soon hope to welcome you at one of the ‘try & taste’ sis gatherings that we happily co-host with like-minded creatives. We let you know when our table is ready for you!

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