Cila d’Oliveira
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Having Portuguese parents and living in The Netherlands, I am blessed to say that these two countries both feel like home. But as the years pass (yes, when getting older),  I started appreciating my Portuguese roots more and more. The ’simple’ things in a traditional Portuguese household like ceramics, straw baskets, good wine, and food. With that came the idea to start sharing all of these treasures with friends and people who feel the same love for Portugal.

What makes the project extra special for me, is the beautiful and creative people I am meeting on this journey. Locals that want to make sure the wonderful rich traditions and art crafts are here to stay for many more generations to come. Yet there is still so much to explore in Portugal, so please feel free to send me your Portugal inspiration and ideas.







Ratna Adam
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“As a freelance content creator, I am lucky to have the freedom to choose where and when I work. Without a doubt, Mallorca is my favorite office in the entire world. And not just because of the mild Mediterranean climate. The beauty of the island inspires me endlessly and the laid-back atmosphere often reminds me to slow down. I love how my work days are not just filled with coffee, copy, and computers. There’s always room for food, more food, maybe some cava and definitely a siesta. Meeting deadlines is just as important as meeting people.

Though I am based in The Netherlands I try to work from my island office as much as I can. When I’m not writing, Mallorca offers me (and you!) a wide range of casual cool dining options, plenty of beaches to enjoy and lot’s of amazing spots to get close to nature. Through blog posts and guides, I will share my favorite places on the island with you. This project is pretty much an ode to my all-time favorite escape and the best office I could wish for.”